Choosing Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Finding the right kitchen backsplash that fits within your space and budget, while also remaining stylish and functional can be a challenge. In residential construction in Sarasota FLaddition to these difficulties, there are plenty of colors, material, and shape options for you to choose from as well. It may seem like an overwhelming process to get the right backsplash for your kitchen, but the experts at Santos USA Construction have some tips on making it easier to find a match for your needs:

  • Grab samples of different textures, materials, shapes, and colors. Put up the various examples of tile to see which is going to look the best.
  • Make sure you consider your countertops and the different colors, textures, and materials within them. Since they will be close to your backsplash, it is vital that they do not clash with one another.
  • When choosing a color for the backsplash, think about what will show the least amount of dirt or food when you are cooking. This part of the process is essential if you are a messy cook or have children since having a low-maintenance backsplash will save you time in cleaning up.
  • Even if you do think that you can install the backsplash on your own, it is essential to get some help from the professionals. This is extremely important when lining things up correctly and making sure that you have an established pattern and flow within the tile.

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Keeping Your Pool Clean This Summer

Summer brings things like sunny days, warm weather, and lots of time spent outside. However, if you own a pool, you know that this season also man cleaning a poolbrings the struggle of keeping water clear of algae, bacteria, and other harmful debris. Here are some basic tips on how to keep your pool clean this summer so you and your family can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Check the skimmer – One of the most important things you need to do to keep your pool clean is to check the skimmer for debris. The skimmer basket’s primary function is to take all of the small leaves, bugs, and other seasonal debris from the top of your water before it gets to the bottom. Checking the skimmer and emptying it every time you get into the pool can help it not to back up and cause your pool to become dirty.

Maintain the right pH level – One of the biggest struggles of owning a pool is getting the proper pH levels so that your water does not hurt the people swimming in it or grow algae. Your pool’s chemistry needs to be balanced appropriately for others to swim in it, and it can be a fine line to walk if you are not cautious and diligent in maintaining it. Make sure you are checking the pH levels of your pool’s water a few times a week during the summer so that everything is being watched closely for an imbalance. The slightest discrepancy in levels can cause algae or other bacteria to grow overnight, so make sure you are keeping an eye on it.

If you are looking for residential contractors in Sarasota, FL, that can guide you through your pool remodeling project; we can help at Santos USA Construction. For more information about our services or to set up an appointment, call us at (941) 893-1711 today.

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